Yes, all bookings need to be made online and are valid as soon as they are accepted onto our system, however you can book them last minute on the go from your smartphone or tablet.
You only need your proof of booking (on your phone is fine!) and of course all of your baggage. Once your bag has been received you will be issued with a receipt. Please take care of this receipt as we cannot release any baggage without it.
The exact address of the baggage storage facility is available on our website - There is also a map on our website showing its exact location plus, all the relevant information required for locating our storage facility.
We only accept online booking and pre-payment is compulsory. Morzine Bag and Bike Store do not accept, in any circumstance any luggage of customers without the relevant online booking.
No, the price quoted online will be the full cost, without any distinction in measurements or weight. However there are discounts available depending of the numbers of items stored.
Rates are calculated daily (from 08.00-18.00)
Yes of course ,as Morzine Bag and Bike Store storage services is professionally operated and is part of a much larger organisation encompassing the Rhodos Hotel and Morzinelets. We are locally based and have been professionally operating from the area for over fifteen years.

All our staff have been carefully selected most of which have worked alongside our sister companies for several years. Our storage facility is adjacent to our hotel ‘ The RHODOS ‘ therefore should any issues arise they can be efficiently dealt with by a real person.

Another important point to stress is that the pick-up point for all baggage is actually based at our sister company the RHODOS HOTEL, where the luggage storage experience can easily turn into an opportunity to eat well, have a drink or possibly ski, cycle or just wander around to your hearts content.

OUR Payment system is extremely secure as you can pay by credit or MasterCard plus, the entire booking process is always tracked.
Yes, the exact time slot booked online is still binding on the day of delivery and pick-up on all baggage booked onto our online system. Please pay attention to your personal booking time slot plus, opening and closing times of our storage facility.
No, as all reservations made onto our booking system at Morzine Bag and Bike Store are non-refundable or cancellable.
Yes, any baggage, regardless of size, must be included in the online booking system. The storage facility will not take in any extra luggage that has not been pre-booked online.
The safety of your baggage is our number one priority. Our storage facility is secure and guarantees that all luggage deposited with us is covered by insurance for up to €200 per single item stored.
No, there are no size limitations with regards to storage. Every item of baggage stored whether extra-large or slightly heavier can be stored. We can also store larger specific items and even accept bikes, bicycle bags and motorbikes.
1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days 7+ Days 14+ Days 30+ Days
1 Bag 10€ 20€ 30€ 40€ 50€ 60€ 10% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF
2 Bags 18€ 36€ 54€ 72€ 90€ 108€ 10% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF
3 Bags 25€ 50€ 75€ 100€ 125€ 150€ 10% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF
4 Bags 30€ 60€ 90€ 120€ 150€ 180€ 10% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF
5 Bags 34€ 68€ 102€ 136€ 170€ 204€ 10% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF
6 Bags 36€ 72€ 108€ 144€ 180€ 216€ 10% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF
7+ Bags 41+ 81+ 113+ 149+ 185+ 221+ 10% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF
Bikes (each) 10€ 20€ 30€ 40€ 50€ 60€ 10% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF
Motorcycles (each) 15€ 30€ 45€ 60€ 75€ 90€ 10% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF
Collection Service 35€ (motorcylces not collected)

Luggage Storage in Morzine from €10 a day

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Collection Service

We can pick-up all your luggage from your Morzine hotel, apartment or chalet for only €35.

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Book your central Morzine luggage storage online 24/7. Our store is open 8.00am to 6.00pm daily.

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Your items are handled by storage professionals and monitored by 24/7 video surveillance.

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