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Skiing Europe Morzine France

Morzine guide

Skiing Europe Morzine France

Skiing Europe Morzine France. The Portes Du Soleil, or Gateway to the Sun, is the largest linked skiing area in the world, and is made up of 14 resorts across France & Switzerland. It boasts some 650 km of pistes in the winter and needs to be skied to be believed.

Climbing from 1000 to 2466m, between France and Switzerland, its 208 ski lifts will take you up to the 8 snowparks, 243km of cross country tracks and 650km of marked pistes that interconnect the 14 resorts ... all accessible with a single ski pass!

Skiing Europe Morzine France Piste Map

To view the Portes du Soleil Piste Map and truly envisage the size of the skiing Europe Morzine France area click on the piste map on the right hand side of this page.

Skiing Europe Morzine France

Skiing Europe Morzine France. Take your time... 650 km of slopes, an enormous French-Swiss area, all this requires an instruction manual. Check out the discovery circuit guide. Circuits (that take 2h 30 mins approx) organised according to ski levels have been designed to give you easy access. You'll recognise the itineries (blue runs, red or black). Each circuit is marked by a mountain animal. Head off following the bear, white rabbit, jackdaw, ibex or reindeer and enjoy the show, it's worth the effort! provide specialist services for those Skiing Europe Morzine France.

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